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An elegant and dynamic greyhound. In 1971, Nicola Trussardi transformed the glove company founded in 1911 which he inherited from his father, into a company with a designer label, and for the first time a fashion house linked its name to a symbol, to the greyhound itself. Since then the brand name has become synonymous with leather: from gloves to highly esteemed accessories born from experiments with new tanning techniques and the skill of transferring the concept of style onto both the most important garments and the smallest details. In 1983 it made its debut at the Scala Theatre in Milan with a collection whose photos immediately made their way round the world. From that moment there has been no area of fashion, design or architecture that has not been explored, including the styling of motorbikes, motorcar upholstery and aeroplane cabins. Nothing seems to stop the Trussardi brand name to which we owe the restoration of the Marino Palace at the Scala in the 1990s, transformed into a polyfunctional centre and seat of the Trussardi Foundation, which also has the aim of spreading contemporary culture through new artistic languages.

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